Refugee (Prod: Patrick DiCeasare)

from by Tony Coates



Demo Version


Verse 1:
Another rainy day on the block
Woke up in the middle of the night
Yea I heard the sirens
But you was on mind
So I had no intent to comply
With Mr:
“If you would just surrender sir
I promise that we’ll go easy on you
But first confirm
That I’m arrestin the killer
Who ripped out the hearts
Of this bitch and her sister
Then smashed all that shit
With some gravy and taters
While they was bound
Beggin you for some mercy”
I did it
But I swear she rehearsed
All the combo’s of buttons
To see if I’d snap on her ass
Like Ford doin crack
Or be mellow as shit
Like some blunts after Church
Naw fuck that shit
Cuz the violence is inside of me
It’s like every time I close my eyes
The beast inside he hides from me
And gets tangled up in my hearts
That’s why I see hatred over everything
But if I wrote this all down
And got you the letter
I hope you’d realize
I ain’t bad as you think tho

And so the story goes
You stay on my mind
And I don’t mean to sound psycho
But I’ve been creepin Facebook and Twiiter
And I cried a little
I just cried a little
Cuz I can’t let you go
I see you’re like a refugee
Safe with the next nigga
And you probably ain’t comin home

Verse 2:
Is it wrong that I get excited
When I’m rhyming
And you be fightin
To get my hand from off your throat
I fuckin love to hate you
But in my heart I wanna save you
And put that ass upon a pedestal
Like I’m Mario and you the Peach tho
Cuz often when I’m hidin
Instagrammin yo body
Touchin myself and shit
I be getting jealous of these niggas
And I swear I’m tryina fix it
I know you always wanted different
That’s why I tried forcing you to stay with me
Oh yeah, sorry for that shit

And I know it’s my fault
That you done packed up and gone
Now I’m sittin all alone
Tryina find vindication
For every, everything I’ve done wrong


from Refugee [single], released January 25, 2014
Lyrics and Vocals: Tony Coates
Beat: Patrick DiCesare


all rights reserved



Tony Coates Windsor, Ontario

Tony Coates is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and novice producer, born and raised in Windsor, Ontario. With a contemporary take on NeoSoul/R&B he gets your feet tapping and your heart moving.

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